MG-ANODE IN BACKFILL 7.7KG/17lbs 1.7V, INCL10m, 10mm2 red XLPE/PVC cable
MAGNESIUM ANODE IN BACKFILL 7.7KG / 17lbs , 1.7V, incl 10m, 10mm2 RED XLPE / PVC Net weight: 7.7 KG / 17lbs Gross weight: 17-18 KG / 40lbs Type: High Potential, 1.7V Net weight Gross Weight Current output, mA 1000OHM...
Measurement kit for ships / marine use, voltmeter including measuring cords and Ag/AgCl reference
On-Off-Sure OOS is the tool that allows you to detect corrosion on time, this will help you minimize costly repairs and maintenance. Our new tool shows directly if corrosion is affecting your investment. Included in the kit: High-quality carry bag...
$1,324.00 $832.00
Ag/AgCl ELEKTROD, WE100-PBW Ag/AgCl 0.5M KCl
Portable reference electrode for portable use 10M/393.70Inch long cable Cord winder included for easy storage Cable color: Black Ag / AgCl ELECTROD, WE100-PBW Ag / AgCl 0.5M KCl Copper cable (marine grade): 1 x4.0mm(0.04 x 0.16inch) H07RNF (BLACK) Material: Acetal...
anode cable XLPE / PVC 0.39inch2 Red
ANOD CABLE XLPE / PVC 10mm2/0.39inch2 RED - price per meter
CATODO CABLE XLPE / PVC 10mm2/0.39inch2 BLACK - price per meter
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