Zinc anode Martec for cooler 1/4 "Thread x 0.59 inch
Martec Original 1/4 "-15, fits most freshwater coolers Fits: Martecs 2 "heat exchanger Zinc anodes are mainly used in seawater and brackish water. Zinc anodes can be used in brackish water if the resistivity is not too high (approx. 1.5...
$14.00 $11.00
Zinc anode for Martec cooler 1/4" thread x 15 mm 950-7300
Zinc anode for Martec cooler 1/4"-15, suitable for most fresh water coolers 950-7300 Suitable for: Martec heat exchanger Original code: 950-7300 Art kg lbs   a l c Ø R804000C 0.03 0.07 mm inch 1/4''GAS CONICO (bspt) 15 0.59 17...
$38.00 $29.00
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